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Eat the Menu

For the Love of Food

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Your daily dose of food fun ♥...

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Please post:

-Your own food related art.
-The work of other artists, that deal with food as a subject or medium.
-Food opinions/recommendations.
-Anything dealing with food & pop culture (fashion, trends, movies, etc.).
-Food humor.
-Photos of food, or food imagery, and pics of celebrities with food.
-Recipes, or instructions for fun food related projects (I.E. gingerbread houses or clay miniature food).

Be as creative as you can in your contributions! The rules are VERY flexible, so basically, anything edible (or with the semblance of being edible) goes. If you post an image greater than 700x700 pixels, multiple images, or a large amount of text please use the lj-cut. If a post is too off topic (incredibly hard to achieve given the lax community description), I will delete...just remember, yes to food is yes to life!

Any questions can be directed to me here:

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